Juventus Academy giving back to the society

Juventus Academy Nigeria is committed to raising the standard of football in the country while giving equal opportunity to children from lesser social background and providing access to the high standard of football education synonymous to Juventus academies internationally. It is for this reason that Juventus academy Nigeria has given out full scholarship slots to 40 deserving kids who attended our 2019/20 pre-season and try-outs with plans to increase the numbers as the season goes on.

With the help of reputable and committed corporate bodies with similar views and the expertise and reach of Juventus academy Nigeria, we estimate that this path could become a mainstay in the empowerment of youth in the country.

How to get a scholarship.

Juventus Academy is committed to rewarding talent, hard work and good behaviour in the face of economic difficulties.

General Open Tryouts

We do not hold open tryouts. However, we are always looking for most talented players and our scouts always watch players at their local clubs or schools before inviting them for a tryout. Therefore, if you write in for a tryout, you should always include a fixture list with kick-off times and venues for your team. If you have any accomplishments or state honors, please include them.

Teams can also reach out to the Technical department for match openings. This is an efficient way to showcase talent to J-Academy Community scouts.

Individual Tryouts

Follow the following guideline if you think you have what it takes

Sign Up for a tryout or pre-season programs.

Preaseason events are available at the begining of a new season only

Tryouts are available at the beginning of a season and during the season. However, Tryouts during the season are outside of scholarship considerations.

Sign up for a tryout here. Tryout cost: NGN 12,500

Attend your tryout on the date given to you and participate in the training session where a coach will evaluate your performance.

The academy office will contact you to give feedback on your session and inform you if the technical team has granted you a scholarship slot.

You can get as high as 100% scholarship.

Saturday Programs pathway

Sign up for the Saturday recreational programs. Best players at Saturday programs are considered for Year round program Scholarship slots.

Scouting network

Through community outreach and scouting network

What We Are Looking For

Quite simply; talent. We understand that players come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. We take into account a player’s technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social attributes, as well as looking at relative age effect and maturation rates. We also have to compare them to the scholars currently in the Academy to assess whether a target player has the potential (we understand this may take time) to reach the levels or be better than the scholars we already have registered. Football is a hugely competitive profession in which to ‘make it’. Obviously talent is required, but it takes real resilience and determination to be successful in the game. Some people are noticed early on, and others develop later, so keep working hard.

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