Prince Q – Programs Director

Prince Adjei Quao is the programs director for the Juventus International Academy in Nigeria. He oversees creation; execution, regulation and the day to day running of Juventus Academy Nigeria programs both locally and internationally.

Prince was born in Nigeria to Ghanaian parents and sharpened his teeth in the sports business management world in the United Kingdom where he studied at the university of East Anglian, Birmingham City University and Sheffield Hallam university. It was at the latter that he received the honour of a Masters degree in sports business management— an institution regarded as among one of the leading sports universities in the UK.

Before taking up his new role developing Nigerian youngsters and future superstars at Juventus Academy Nigeria, he previously had a short stint with Sheffield Wednesday FC of England and was part of the presenting team of the FC Bayern Youth Cup Nigeria series.

Speaking to the editorial department, He mentioned the people-centric approach of Juventus Academy  and the Juventus way as key factors influencing the programs at the Academy and what to expect in the future. 

“Juventus in its true meaning means youth and that’s where the club got its name from and for that reason it is often said in many documentations and in our actions that focus on youth remains a significant investment for Juventus and that is what drives the continued growth of youngsters across the world through various avenues especially through the Academy brand.

Technical and non-technical staff working for us have a responsibility to build up people before building up players and we encourage parents and guardians to do the same. This is because we very well known in this day and age that a player’s character as a person such as his attitude goes a long way and there are a lot of examples that I won’t be mentioning.

The reasoning for this is simple, it only makes sense that a child taught to be polite, humble and has a host of other good qualities like team work and respect will bring all those into his adulthood and approach to life and working: be it football or otherwise with these qualities and can certainly only be more fruitful.

With this in mind, we design all programs at the Academy to achieve the aforementioned goals and making sure any child passing through our programs be it short term or long term is impacted positively.”


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