Play At Home – Stay Safe

Due to the coronavirus enforced lockdown, Juventus Academy created the play at home series to engage participants during the lockdown period.

The black and white family created a platform where players continued their development and education process by sharing content designed to incorporate the new level of safety required with high quality football education.

Video tutorials: training videos created by Juventus Academy Nigeria and international coaches designed to improve technical skills and motor skills of players. The videos were shared with the players who then recreate the exercises and share with assigned coaches for evaluation and feedback

Educative articles: Articles regarding safety, hygiene, healthy eating and mental health are shared with Academy students to help with fitness and conditioning while staying at home

Language classes: Videos containing Italian Word Of The Day and what it means are shared to kids just like they never left.

Fantasy football: On match days, players go head to head in a game on fantasy football which also involved JAcademy social media community as voters.

Stay at home challenges: Several challenges are held between players, coaches and the Juventus communities showing skills, creativity and sending messages of safety and togetherness.


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